We fight battles of self growth that often are intertwined with the lives of others. Old battles aren’t re fought but they are re imagined.

In three months I turn 25, a quarter century, and rather than considering how far I’ve come as I near a quarter century on this earth I’m left pondering how my life has become intertwined with the lives of others.

These past coupleweeks working with the family of my girlfriend have opened my eyes to the growth still to be made.

As humans one of the main ways we reflect God’s faith in us is our interaction with others. I know this is one of my greatest challenge.
Showing true compassion and care is sometimes hardest for the people who are closest to us and this perhaps have had the most opportunity to care (my mother)

Showing true respect and sharing the burden is hardest for me to do with those whom I care for the most (my sister)

Acknowledging the debts we owe while being honest in the present is hardest for me to accomplish with those we owe the most (my father)

For nearly every relationship in my life I can think of how I can be a better conduit of Gods love. While this sort of growth cab take a lifetime, I realize everyday, every step I take now is not only a forward in that individual relationship, it is a studio forward in the two most important relationships I am currently navigating:

My relationship with God
My relationship with the woman I believe completes me

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