1. As a photographer and a person, I constantly feel the pull between two separate urges. The urge to live, enjoy, and fully engage in the present is constantly at odds with my compulsion to step back and record the proceedings, the emotions, and the people in front of me. While behind the lens, I often separate my being from the proceedings, and experience the events not as a participant but as a recorder. When events are such that I have no choice but to fully engage I am grateful.
  2. Whenever I am in Haiti, my biggest dilemma is what can I right fully photograph. That dilema is in fact something that rises up wherever I am. What is truly yours to photograph. I refuse to share the same dreary story of dilapidated Haiti in need that is so often shared, even when artists are supposedly focused on showing a different side of this country. Besides work that has been sponsored by particular organizations I am working with, the only photography you will see from me will be connected to….
  3. Today, during our workshop, I was explaining to the kids that they would need to fulfill a project of their own during their month with their camera’s this summer. As we spoke I realized that I hadn’t myself hammered down what my project was. So below find the first picture of my summer project.

“Roots Uncovered”

*The project itself will primarily be a set of landscapes and panoramas inspired by a picture taken last year and a project done in collaboration with Gabe Doss “Deep Roots : : Low Branches” which can be found at threeartists.wordpress.com.




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