Hospital Bed Capacity Decision Support Tool Using Agent Based Simulation

Multi Modular Hospital Waiting Room Design Project

Providing Accessible Radiology Using Evidence-Based Design

The goal of the project is to build a robust model to support strategic bed allocation decisions at a hospital. One of the primary goals of the project is to ascertain the relative tradeoffs and relationships between changing the current bed capacity and/or its distribution and how these choices will affect the quality metrics of individual units and the hospital as a whole. One example of the potential trade-offs is that the increase in bed occupancy rates may negatively affect hospital wait times. To achieve the goal, a simulation optimization model is built. The complex interactions of operations and patient flows are captured by simulation model and an optimization model is built to generate at least local optimal bed allocation solutions by using simulation model to evaluate performance of different bed allocation scenarios.

Problem Statement : A patient and family centered ICU opens the ICU to family members in order to improve the quality, safety, and satisfaction with care of families and patients. Family members who are not properly trained decrease the amount of care that can be provided to patients through inefficient and ineffective communication with care providers and become a safety risk for patients.

Objective: The objective of this waiting room redesign and enhancement is to improve the quality of patient care provided in ICUs. Using Sepsis care as a model, we design a generalizable system to improve patient care through family communication with the care team improvements. Communication efficacy and efficiency between care providers and families is increased by improving the overall contextual knowledge of families and decreasing their anxiety. We accomplish this task through a cost effective mix of automated education, targeted human communication, and physical space adaptability. Additional value is added by redesigning inefficiently used waiting room space to provide family education, improved privacy, and anxiety reduction in already available space.

Herein we propose a hub-and-spoke model for providing pediatric radiology services to Georgia’s rural population. To accomplish this in a fiscally sustainable manner we propose using tele-radiology to decrease the overall staffing costs due to radiologists, while managing a group of mobile technicians trained by Children’s to maintain the service level and quality. Tele radiology, a subset of telemedicine, generally is associated with the projection of digital imaging scans to radiologist at a remote location. We propose partnering with local institutions to provide a sustainable catchment area of patients and choose a location that does not have competitor pediatric radiology services, while simultaneously having the largest population that lacks access due to geographic location. Rehabilitated big box locations are chosen to minimize overall structural costs though we accept that radiology services have high set up costs both to establish the correct physical plant as well as purchase necessary equipment.

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Project South a southwide organization are a dedicated group of activists of all colors and identities and different forced stations in life, clusters of indigenous organizers throughout the South, who valiantly wage the struggle  to bring  real freedom to all through an understanding of capitalism as the powerful engine of historic enslavement and exploitation of labor that maximized profits for the capitalists by any mean mean necessary.  Visit their website which I helped to create and currently manage below.

Alongside Project South, I have also assisted Gulf South Rising, the University Sin Fronteras, and the Southern Movement Assembly along with Chi Nwogu and Fedna Jacquet in creating a web platform to spread their messages.

The Block Party is a basketball podcast hosted by Chi Nwogu that covers latest NBA news, provides fantasy insights, and commentates on the absurd on and off-court antics.

I sound engineer along side a great team of content and audio producers, to create this weekly audio experience.

Alongside these audio projects, I also apprenticed as a documentary film maker for Scott Stuckey, creator of Pancake Mountain, and am able to film, edit, and produce short documentary film content.

4 years ago I established the GOALS Dream Team Scholarship Program, giving teens in Haiti the boost they need to graduate high school. The GOALS Dream Team currently funds 29 students, each of whom is on track to become the first person in their family to graduate high school. In a country where only 20% ever attend secondary school, this is a huge accomplishment. Only eight GOALS students have parents who ever attended any school at all.