I am a photographer interested in education, A teacher interested in memories, and most importantly a human interested in people.
Taken By Christina

Answering the question of who you are can be the toughest thing to do.  The question asks us to define for the world what we value most in ourselves, our own raison d’être. I am at my core a living legacy of my grandmother’s love.  She taught me in life and in death that our legacy will never be in who we ARE but rather what we DO.

Personal Mission Statement: I will be a light unto the world. In my actions I will be an exemplar of those human traits I hold most dear: honesty, integrity, loyalty, and most importantly LOVE. I will bring joy to those around me whether friend, family, or stranger. In all aspects of my life, teaching, photography, relationships, and daily actions I will endeavor to always bring peace to those who surround me and alleviate the suffering of those who are less fortunate.

I am

  1. Teacher
  2. Student
  3. Teach For America
  4. Brown University
  5. Groton School
  6. Prep for Prep
  7. Iselin, New Jersey
  8. East Orange, New Jersey
  9. Haitian
  10. American
  11. Man
  12. Boy
  13. Son
  14. Brother
  15. Grandson
  16. Cousin
  17. Uncle
  18. Friend
  19. Lover
  20. Engineer
  21. Photographer
  22. Artists
  23. Child of Anacoana
  24. Blessed

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