Recently I have been informing friends and family of my intentions to reenter the academic world by pursuing a masters in engineering science. As I move forward with a plan to earn a civil engineering, I often have to explain that this is not an about face, but instead another step towards effecting the world in a way that I can be proud. Why civil?

Civil engineers have an almost limitless possibility to enhance the lives of other humans. Working on education in impoverished communities both in Atlanta and rural Haiti, I have been able to see many specific cases where improvements to physical infrastructure could have massive positive impacts on all aspects of a community, from education to local economic well being. I hope to combine my experience as an educator, engineer, and my developing media skills to help spread the forefront of civil engineering techniques far and wide. I intend to create works that help at a local level while also fostering positive growth throughout the world by making research advances available quickly and effectively to a wide variety of construction professionals.

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