This I believe, it is right to Love

                When I was young, wait who am I kidding I still am young, when people asked me do I believe in God I never knew what to answer? Throughout my life I’ve been privileged to receive a seemingly endless supply of God’s love, and yet I was always confused because God’s love did not seem to be spread evenly. As humans it is inherent in our nature that we can never fully compherend God, but in my youthful pride I thought I should be able to understand he/sh/it’s actions. While God, the eternal, the creator, the beginning, and the end is beyond my comprehension, I have come to one implicit understanding. I believe in each one of us a piece of god resides. That is not to say that we are god simply that in each human a piece of god exists. Every moment we have the capability to achieve the greatest miracles, to allow god to live through us. God is light and love, that which leads us from darkness separates us from animals, makes us good. God is the moment when a DNA, genetic impulse to propagate and live, is superseded by spirit. When we act and do what is right not what is easy. This I believe.

This I believe, it is hard to grow Up

Growing up is an interesting experience. Oddly as I grow older, as people around me show more respect, and offer me a place at the table of adulthood, I feel more and more unworthy. I can still remember when demanding to be treated like an adult at the age of 12; looking out at the complex interplay of relationships in my family and judging actions of mother, father, grandmother, sister. As I grow/learn, as the complex nature of humans and their relationships become, as I become less centered on myself, and more cognizant of the human organism I am a part of I become less sure of what’s right, realizing that there is never perfect, only forever grasping at attempts to be better, closer to god, to love, to right. This I believe.

This I believe, that Learning is Love

                If learning is growing, and growth is life, and life is love, then doesn’t it follow that learning is love. Even without non sequitur, I can’t help but belief that one of the things we are called to do is to constantly learn. A critical aspect of my world view is that I should seek show love in all that I do. My guiding principle, my life motto can be boiled down to love unconditionally, love wholly, love all. One of the best ways I have found to love is to learn. To learn about people and places, friends and foes, lovers and students, cells and the universe. We have been gifted a universe wherein we can endlessly grow, always learning about others, and in understanding I find I can finally love. To learn for me is to drop all pretense, to drop judgment and preconceptions, to learn is to make myself one with the subject, to empathically listen, to join and to become. To love then, in one sense, is to draw others into thyself, to learn to see the whole of humanity as an aspect of the individual, to inhabit the space of the human organism(species) instead of the individual soul. To love wholly is to love selfishly, the easiest sort of love. This I believe.


And this I believe too, that in this journey we call life, my beliefs are bound to change!

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