Some brothers are born, others are made. Whenever people describe me as a frat brother I am at times proud and ashamed. Proud because at my core that is one of my identies, ashamed because to often the phrase is said without a full understanding of what the term brother means to the frat. Jon Acosta is a brother of mine, one who came to visit me in Atlanta, one who is now family. We had a wonderful opportunity to see some friends who are fellow teachers in Atlanta DJ Chin and Izzy. It was quite awesome to see 4 minority teachers from Brown University in the same room. Afterwards Jon and I drove up to Athens to chill with Alex Betzel, another frat brother currently stationed in Pensacola and Corey Goerdt a brother studying at the UGA law school. I absolutely can’t wait until we all gather again in the fall to go to a UGA football game. Tail Gate…I’m READY!

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