“Take care of my Son, He’s an innocent” Those are the words Jean Roberte left me with as he placed me on the public bus from Port-au-Prince to Leogane. I met Jean Roberte last year when he drove me from PAP where I had been staying with one of my dad’s closest childhood friends to Leogane where I would be working with GOALS.

Today, he would be unable to drive me all the way down, and I couldn’t afford a private car, so I decided to take the public transport. My dad would say it shouldn’t have been a surprise when half way there our bus broke down. I had already paid the “Blanc” price for my ride down 100 Gourde for myself and my bags when most people paid about 30 gourde. The whole experience was made worth it as random Haitians in the back got in an uproar when my bags were thrown around. I guess they took Jean Roberte’s words to heart. Sitting there crammed three to a seat; I simply smiled when the bus broke down, why get carried away over the inevitable when there were bigger things to deal with at the end of the journey. Lessons

Learned in the past couple days

  1. Your father is rarely wrong
  2. Taking public transport in Haiti is truly a roll of the dice
  3. I should never ever knock Marta anymore


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