Tonight I got to spend some time in the presence of grace. I’m always left in awe at the power of the friendship shared by my father and Ernso Jean-Louis. Their story is one that could fill an epic, but suffice it to say that during my stays in Haiti he treats e more like a cherished member of his family than a guest. This evening I was invited to his sister’s house for a Shabbat dinner with a visiting guest.

Ernso’s sister, Georgette, was hosting dinner for Ms. Laura Hartman, the Board Chair of the School of Choice.  Her vision and passion has led to the creation of the “L’Ecole de Choix” a free elementary school for the poorest children in Mirebalais. I hope to be able to photograph out there, but what was truly inspiring was how she challenged, cajoled, and inspired her network of friends and supporters to such a great feat. During Drew’s sermon which I wrote about earlier he said “we become what we surround ourselves with.” Reflecting now I know that’s true, and count myself lucky to be able to say that every person in my network continues to inspire and push me to be a better person. I can’t imagine being who I am now without the input that each and every person has had, and the opportunities to be a better person which they have opened up for me.

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